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 --:  The  Blessed.

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PostSubject: --:  The  Blessed.   Thu Mar 10, 2016 3:34 pm

--:    The  Aedric  Blessing  Guide.

         Synopsis  &  Ability  Types.

Blessings  --.

Naturally, a character may only be wholly devoted to one deity.

            Blessing  of  Akatosh;

5  Perks:    +1%  MP Regeneration  at the beginning of every fifth turn.

10  Perks:    +2%  MP Regeneration  at the beginning of every fifth turn.

15  Perks:    +3%  MP Regeneration  at the beginning of every fifth turn.

            Blessing  of  Arkay;

5  Perks:    +1%  HP Regeneration  at the beginning of every fifth turn.

10  Perks:    +2%  HP Regeneration  at the beginning of every fifth turn.

15  Perks:    +3%  HP Regeneration  at the beginning of every fifth turn.

            Blessing  of  Dibella;

5  Perks:    +10%  success rate  at Speechcraft versus NPCs.

10  Perks:    +20%  success rate  at Speechcraft versus NPCs.

15  Perks:    +30%  success rate  at Speechcraft versus NPCs.

            Blessing  of  Julianos;

5  Perks:    +200  to  Max HP  for  ten turns once every  day.

10  Perks:    +400  to  Max HP  for  ten turns once every  day.

15  Perks:    +600  to  Max HP  for  ten turns once every  day.

            Blessing  of  Kynareth;

5  Perks:    +200  to  Max SP  for  ten turns once every  day.

10  Perks:    +400  to  Max SP  for  ten turns once every  day.

15  Perks:    +600  to  Max SP  for  ten turns once every  day.

            Blessing  of  Mara;

5  Perks:    +1%  SP Regeneration  at the beginning of every fifth turn.

10  Perks:    +2%  SP Regeneration  at the beginning of every fifth turn.

15  Perks:    +3%  SP Regeneration  at the beginning of every fifth turn.

            Blessing  of  Stendarr;

5  Perks:    +5%  success rate  while blocking with a  shield;  versus  physical.

10  Perks:    +10%  success rate  while blocking with a  shield;  versus  physical.

15  Perks:    +15%  success rate  while blocking with a  shield;  versus  physical.

            Blessing  of  Talos;

5  Perks:    +200  to  Max MP  for  ten turns once every  day.

10  Perks:    +400  to  Max MP  for  ten turns once every  day.

15  Perks:    +600  to  Max MP  for  ten turns once every  day.

            Blessing  of  Zenithar;

5  Perks:    +10%  success rate  at Mercantile versus NPCs.

10  Perks:    +20%  success rate  at Mercantile versus NPCs.

15  Perks:    +30%  success rate  at Mercantile versus NPCs.

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--:  The  Blessed.
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