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 --:  The  Redguard.

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PostSubject: --:  The  Redguard.   Thu Mar 10, 2016 2:42 pm

--:    The  Redguard  Lineage  Guide.

         Synopsis  &  Innate  Abilities.

Redguards, formerly known as "Yokudans" in recognition of the sunken continent they originated from, are perhaps the most warlike, ferocious and versatile race to inhabit Tamriel; proven during their incursion on and permanent occupation of Hammerfell. Culturally militant, they easily integrate with an Imperialist ideology or other cause that champions order and propriety. Naturals at martial arts.

Native race of  Hammerfell  and generally a proponent of the  Daggerfall Covenant.

Development revolves around meaningful interactions, story-driven adventures and the completion of Quests
that are designed to challenge the capabilities of any participating characters via a dynamic NPC Opposition.

            +1 SP  to  Speed  &  Stamina.

            Resist  Boost:  +40%  Resist  Poison.

Racial Ability:  Adrenaline Rush  is an innate ability of the militaristic Redguards that enables a character to
instantly regenerate  250 SP  once every  twelve hours.  An advantageous trait to a wide variety of "builds."

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--:  The  Redguard.
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