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 --:  The  Orsimer.

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PostSubject: --:  The  Orsimer.   Thu Mar 10, 2016 2:38 pm

--:    The  Orsimer  Lineage  Guide.

         Synopsis  &  Innate  Abilities.

Orsimer are considered to be a race of Mer, a "cursed" people with a strict warrior code who shoulder their own fate and abhor the very idea of incompetence. Culturally tribal with the exception of those who stray from the Stronghold lifestyle, they are the only race to exclusively worship a Daedric Prince-- Malacath. "Orcs" are notoriously fierce combatants and boast advanced metallurgy practices.

Native race of  Orsinium  and generally a proponent of the  Daggerfall Covenant.

Development revolves around meaningful interactions, story-driven adventures and the completion of Quests
that are designed to challenge the capabilities of any participating characters via a dynamic NPC Opposition.

            +1 SP  to  Power  &  Stamina.

            Resist  Boost:  40%  Resist  Magic.

Racial Ability:  Berserk Rage  is an innate ability shared by all Orsimer that enables a character to drastically
increase its Strength stat by a value of  1 SP  once every  twelve hours.  This state has a  five-turn  duration.

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--:  The  Orsimer.
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