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 --:  The  Dunmer.

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PostSubject: --:  The  Dunmer.   Thu Mar 10, 2016 2:07 pm

--:    The  Dunmer  Lineage  Guide.

         Synopsis  &  Innate  Abilities.

Dunmer, commonly referred to as "Dark Elves" across Tamriel, are prophesied to be "ill-favored by fate" due to a tragic history rife with assassination and Daedric worship. A multicultural race divided between Imperialists, the Ashlanders and the preeminent government established by the Five Great Houses; consisting of Dres, Indoril, Redoran, Sadras and Telvanni. Usually confrontational due to honor.

Native race of  Morrowind  and generally a proponent of the  Ebonheart Pact.

Development revolves around meaningful interactions, story-driven adventures and the completion of Quests
that are designed to challenge the capabilities of any participating characters via a dynamic NPC Opposition.

            +1 SP  to  Agility  &  Speed.

            Resist  Boost:  +40%  Resist  Flames.

Racial Ability:  Flame  Affinity  is an innate ability that enables a character to produce superior effects with
this element using spells from Destruction or Alteration disciplines, outclassing all other races;  20% boost.

Racial Ability:  Ancestral  Wraith  is an innate ability that enables a character to temporarily summon a mid
-Level specter, associated with Ashlanders and traditionalists. Once every  twelve hours,  ten-turn  duration.

**** Note:  Ancestral  Remains  are necessary to perform this ability,
                  in the form of bone, ashes, etc. Ritualistic prayer is required.

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--:  The  Dunmer.
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