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 --:  The  Argonian.

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PostSubject: --:  The  Argonian.   Thu Mar 10, 2016 1:38 pm

--:    The  Argonian  Lineage  Guide.

         Synopsis  &  Innate  Abilities.

Argonians, commonly referred to as "Saxhleel" across Tamriel, are an enigmatic reptilian race directly descended from The Hist-- of no relation to Man or Mer. The stagnant conditions of their homeland and a particularly thick, scaly epidermis has culminated into an innate resistance to most disease and poisons. Generally associated with a carefree outlook, unconventional thinking and sticky fingers.

Native race of the  Black Marsh  and generally a proponent of the  Ebonheart Pact.

Development revolves around meaningful interactions, story-driven adventures and the completion of Quests
that are designed to challenge the capabilities of any participating characters via a dynamic NPC Opposition.

            +1 SP  to  Speed  &  Stamina.

            Resist  Boost:  +40%  Resist  Disease.

Racial Ability:  Histskin  is an innate characteristic of Argonians, increasing a character's Armor Rating by
5%  versus physical damage due to a thick hide of seamlessly overlapping scales. Completely water resistant.

Racial Ability:  Water Breathing  is an innate characteristic of Argonians, enabling a character to breathe
underwater indefinitely; attributed to neck gills. This unique trait makes them efficient aquatic combatants.

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--:  The  Argonian.
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