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 --:  Getting  Started.

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PostSubject: --:  Getting  Started.   Mon Mar 07, 2016 12:21 am

--:    The  Getting  Started  Guide.
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         Synopsis  &  Mechanics  Map.
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Tamriel is an expansive multi-cultural continent, rife with political intrigue and the potential for adventure, which presents a mostly realistic "old world" experience with a few clearly defined elements of "high fantasy" -- namely its diverse cast of races and the Aetherius.

Altmer        Argonian        Bosmer        Breton        Dunmer        Imperial        Khajiit        Nords        Orsimer        Redguard

Development revolves around meaningful interactions, story-driven adventures and the completion of Quests
that are designed to challenge the capabilities of any participating characters via a dynamic NPC Opposition.

Write fan-fiction, form relationships with other characters and join factions at your leisure.

  Abilities,  Skills  &  Stats  are kept proportional via SP and Perk allotment associated
  with a character's "Level" alongside other relevant factors; age, tutelage, plotting, etc.

  Genesis:        +10 SP.                               |    Build a foundation.                               

  Level  10:      +5 SP    &    +10  Perks.      |    Acquired immediately after approval.   

  Level  20:      +5 SP    &    +10  Perks.      |    Acquired by completing  10  D-Quests.

  Level  30:      +5 SP    &    +10  Perks.      |    Acquired by completing  10  C-Quests.

  Level  40:      +5 SP    &    +10  Perks.      |    Acquired by completing  10  B-Quests.

  Level  50:      +5 SP    &    +10  Perks.      |    Acquired by completing  10  A-Quests.

  Afterward:                         +1  Perk.         |    Every fifth Level beyond 50; 55, 60, etc.

  **** Note:                         +1  Perk.         |    Every century the character has lived.

  Master Quests  become available at  Level  50  and will yield  +1  Perk  a piece,
  are often tied in with an ability if one is present and will always be  S-Quests.

  Limited to five per character as an immovable inhibitor.

--:    Stat  Development;

Stats are meant to be easily assessed comparatives between characters, emphasizing the strengths and weaknesses which occur naturally while allocating any  SP  acquired with development;  Agility,  Health,  Power,  Speed,  Stamina,  Magicka  &  Willpower.
These essential attributes will provide the backbone of a character's capabilities by establishing its  physical  and  magical  limits.

Base  Health:  100.          Base  Stamina:  100.          Base  Magicka:  100.
+100 per SP                     +100 per SP                        +200 per SP             

Agility,  Power  &  Speed    are strictly comparatives and do not need to
be numerically quantified; instead, consider them "tiers" of performance.

Willpower  affects spell potency and stands in opposition to all Illusions.

Damage  vs.  Magical Defense  ->  Item Enchantment  ->  Armor Rating 

**** Note:  Spell Absorption  will occur first whenever applicable but a
                  Resistance  will not take effect until after the  Armor Rating.

--:    Skill  Development;

Skills are necessary to give proportion to specialties, ensuring that there are no masters-of-everything or blatantly over-powered
characters within Tamriel; apply stratagem. The amount of Perks invested in a skill will determine a character's talent with it,
 influencing everything about that skill's portrayal via modifiers and mastery comparisons between characters. Choose wisely!

Novice:  2.          Apprentice:  4.          Adept:  6.          Expert:  8.          Master:  10.          Grandmaster:  15.

Abilities will also make use of Perks, meaning the character will gain an adaptive utility at the expense of
skill mastery to preserve proportion. Development will vary from one ability to the next;  up to  15 Perks.

  Birthsign        Blessed        Dragonkin        Lichdom        Lycanthropy        Machinist        Vampirism  

--:    Equipment  Scale;

Equipment is supplemental and can prove invaluable to any "build" by offering  physical  and  magical  defenses scaled with the
associated materials, craftsmanship and enchantments. A close approximation of the Elder Scrolls' inventory system will keep
characters from equipping a retarded amount of armaments;  Head,  Body,  Hands,  Feet,  Necklace,  Ring(s) x2  &  Weapon(s)  x2.

Daedric  Artifacts  are considered "legendary" armaments and will only be obtained by successfully
completing a series of five increasingly difficult quests for a particular Daedric Prince; auto-bound.

  Access  Daedric  Shrine   ->   C-Quest   ->   B-Quest   ->   A-Quest   ->   S-Quest   ->   S-Quest      

                    **** Note:  These ultra-rare armaments will be custom-tailored for the recipient by
                                      an appointed moderator; Daedric class and Grandmaster Enchantment.

            Light  Armaments:

Leather:  5%.        Advanced:  10%.        Elven:  15%.        Glass:  20%.        Meteoric:  25%.        Daedric:  30%.        Dragonscale:  40%.

Standard  Prices:        250g        500g        1,000g        1,500g        2,500g        5,000g        10,000g    

Strength  Requirement:        0 SP        1 SP        1 SP        2 SP        3 SP        4 SP        4 SP         

            Heavy  Armaments:

Steel:  10%.        Advanced:  20%.        Dwarven:  30%.        Orcish:  40%.        Ebony:  50%.        Daedric:  60%.        Dragonbone:  75%.

Standard  Prices:        500g        1,000g        2,000g        3,000g        5,000g        10,000g        20,000g

Strength  Requirement:        2 SP        2 SP        3 SP        3 SP        4 SP        5 SP        6 SP          

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--:  Getting  Started.
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