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 --:  Azazel  Hawksly.

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PostSubject: --:  Azazel  Hawksly.   Fri Mar 18, 2016 10:45 am

                                                                                                                                      Current  Level:    60.
--:    Azazel  "Astralborn"  Hawksly.
                                                                                                                                      Active  Bounty:    None.
                 Whirlwind  of  Blades.

                                                                                                                                      (  Ø  Ø  Ø  Ø  Ø  Ø  Ø  )    Agility
--:    Age:    29.
                                                                                                                                      (  Ø  Ø  Ø  Ø  O  O  O  )    Health
--:    Race:    Breton.
                                                                                                                                      (  Ø  Ø  Ø  Ø  O  O  O  )    Power
--:    Class:    Assassin.
                                                                                                                                      (  Ø  Ø  Ø  Ø  Ø  Ø  Ø  )    Speed
--:    Height:    5' 11".
                                                                                                                                      (  Ø  Ø  Ø  Ø  Ø  O  O  )    Stamina
--:    Weight:    187 lbs.
                                                                                                                                      (  Ø  Ø  Ø  Ø  Ø  O  O  )    Magicka
--:    Encumbrance:    44 lbs.
                                                                                                                                      (  Ø  Ø  Ø  Ø  Ø  O  O  )    Willpower

              MAX  HP:  500.                MAX  SP:  600.                MAX  MP:  1,100.
              Regen:  25 EoT.                   Regen:  30 EoT.                 Regen:  55 EoT.
                                                                                                                                       Hatred  for  Thalmor  &  Boredom.

Azazel  possesses a highly athletic, lithe physique that's fine-tuned to facilitate extraordinary feats of impulsive reflexes,
dexterous maneuvers and precise acrobatics under intense pressure; all alluding to an adaptive "style" that's viable under
any circumstances.  Ordinarily, he opts to wear fine garments tailored in the native fashion of wherever he happens to
be but a black raiment of much sturdier material is synonymous with anything he might consider "work." Flippant and
astoundingly light-fingered, he has no trouble delving into the darker enterprises which seem to thrive wherever large
civilizations exists and it often yields great opportunity or invaluable information. He is the very definition of arrogance.

A closer inspection of his features will reveal elvish hallmarks that are atypical in purely human races, indicative
of a particularly strong Breton heritage which few in the High Rock nobility can boast despite arranged marriages
orchestrated just to maintain the ancient bloodline; a mingling of Nedic and Aldmeri which results in sharp facial
symmetry, high cheek bones, tapered ears, etc.  His hair is a lustrous raven-black, wildly spiked but slicked back.

A smooth operator in the truest sense, traversing the width and breadth of Tamriel on nothing more than
whim while influencing events through the skillful manipulation of pivotal figures into a grand scheme aimed
at an unknown end. Though seemingly carefree and perpetually optimistic, he does have problems of his own.

The  Astralborn,  creating a  concealing  mist with  Nocturnal's Eye  active.

--:    Resists,  Skills  &  Abilities;

Resist  Disease:  50%.                  Resist  Poison:  25%.                  Resist  Magic:  30%*.

Resist  Flame:  0%.                      Resist  Frost:  25%*.                     Resist  Shock:  25%*.

*  Combat  Skills:    1H Shortsword  ( 15 ),  Unarmed  ( 10 )  &  Throwing Knives  ( 2 ).

*  Magic  Skills:    Conjuration  ( 10 )  &  Destruction  ( 10 ).                  *  Utilitarian  Skills:    Stealth  ( 10 ).

Racial Ability:  Dragonskin  is an innate ability that temporarily grants a character  50% Spell Absorption
once every  twelve hours;  five-turn  duration.  This is particularly advantageous in an anti-magic "build."

( Divine )    Nocturnal's  Eye  is a unique ability granted to Azazel by the Daedric Prince herself, manifesting in his right
eye; ultimately, its effects are beneficial to "builds" associated with twilight and thievery. A pale blue light emanates from deep
within the eye whenever active, otherwise a bystander will perceive everything accomplished using the ability as pure luck.

Enhanced  Detection    -    The power to clearly see footprints, hidden doorways and devices, magic runes
and weaknesses in any  physical  defense or fortification; doing anything about it wholly relies on him.

Night-Eye:  -5 MP pt.          Detect  Life:  -5 MP pt.          Detect  Undead:  -5 MP pt.

--:    Armaments  &  Utilities;
                                                                               Conjured  Daggers        Conjured  Swords        Conjured  Greatsword

*    Armaments:  Dark  Attire    -    A veritable raiment of thick  black  garb befitting a nighttime traveler, of a magnificent cut and
tailored  in cured leather with a padded silk interior, easily capable of withstanding the extremes of natural weather though notably
less resilient than actual armor; reinforced by supple bands of Elvish metal to assist deflection. A thick, dark-furred cloak of sabre cat
pelt ordinarily completes the ensemble when weather permits, clasped at the neck by a flawless  sapphire  brooch of Elvish design.

--:    Weight:    20 lbs.

Boots:  25% Resist Frost.      Jacket:  10% Resist Magic.      Gauntlets:  15% Spell Absorption.      Circlet:  25% Resist Shock.

*    Armaments:  Elvish  Dagger    -    Flicker  is an exquisite dagger possessing an uncannily sharp single-edged blade, a sinuously
curved  design enhances its penetrative efficiency against defensive armaments;  constructed from an  8"  blade, ornate cross-guard and
a  5"  hilt. Stylized after the craftsmanship of antiquated Aldmeri relics, elegant and perfectly balanced for highly dexterous maneuvers
delivered with astounding  speed  and precision. Black flames are etched into the silvery blade, seeming to spread out from its spine.

--:    Weight:    4 lbs.

Blade:  80% Drain Health  &  80% Drain Magicka.

*    Armaments:  Ebony  Knives    -    Small, easily  concealable  knives of an Elvish design which were forged as one complete piece;
a narrow double-edged  6"  blade, lacking cross-guard and hilt. Highly aerodynamic and silent during flight, optimal for targeting
something small at a short distance or exploiting brief openings in a defense. The set is secreted away in cunningly hidden sheathes.

--:    Weight:    2 lbs,  x10.

Blades:  80% Shock Damage.

*    Accessories:  Silver  Ring    -    A band of polished silver, etched with black thorny vines around its glittering circumference
and capped by a flawless pentagon-cut  diamond  bearing an intricate crest;  his family's. Of an elvish design, notably durable yet
spindly and seemingly very delicate.  Jewelry cannot be seen beneath a light gauntlet of leather, buckles and bracers, obviously.

--:    Weight:    N / A.

Band:  5% Magicka Regeneration.

*    Accessories:  Silver  Ring    -    A relatively modest band of polished silver, etched with black stags depicted in endless sprint
around its glittering circumference;  all equidistant in spacing. To the wearer, it will exude a comforting warmth which permeates throughout their bodily extremities.  Jewelry cannot be seen beneath a heavy gauntlet of ebony chainmail and plates, obviously.

--:    Weight:    N / A.

Band:  5% Stamina Regeneration.

*    Accessories:  Silver  Necklace    -    A fine cylindrical rope of silver braids tightly twined together, polished to perfection and
barely long enough to encircle his neck just above thick trapezius muscles. It emanates a comforting warmth while submerged,
regulating the wearer's body temperature to ease prolonged underwater exploration.  Able to sustain life in freezing conditions.

--:    Weight:    N / A.

Rope:  5% Replenish Health  &  Water-Breathing.

The  Astralborn,  revealing himself for an imminent  assassination  to fulfill a  contract.

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--:  Azazel  Hawksly.
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