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 --:  Michael  Hawksly.

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PostSubject: --:  Michael  Hawksly.   Fri Mar 18, 2016 10:44 am

                                                                                                                                      Current  Level:    50.
--:    Michael  "Archangel"  Hawksly.
                                                                                                                                      Active  Bounty:    None.
                      Hunter  of  Daedra.

                                                                                                                                      (  Ø  Ø  Ø  Ø  Ø  O  O  )    Agility
--:    Age:    23.
                                                                                                                                      (  Ø  Ø  Ø  Ø  Ø  Ø  O  )    Health
--:    Race:    Breton.
                                                                                                                                      (  Ø  Ø  Ø  Ø  Ø  Ø  Ø  )    Power
--:    Class:    Knight.
                                                                                                                                      (  Ø  Ø  Ø  Ø  Ø  Ø  Ø  )    Speed
--:    Height:    6' 4".
                                                                                                                                      (  Ø  Ø  Ø  Ø  Ø  O  O  )    Stamina
--:    Weight:    248 lbs.
                                                                                                                                      (  Ø  Ø  O  O  O  O  O  )    Magicka
--:    Encumbrance:    125 lbs.
                                                                                                                                      (  Ø  Ø  Ø  Ø  Ø  O  O  )    Willpower

              MAX  HP:  700.                MAX  SP:  600.                MAX  MP:  500.
              Regen:  0 EoT.                    Regen:  30 EoT.                  Regen:  25 EoT.
                                                                                                                                       Hatred  for  Daedra  &  Corruption.

Michael  possesses a brutish physique which always seems to be encased by a full array of heavy armor, wearing the
ebony raiment of overlapping plates with notable ease and the regal bearing one might expect of a veteran knight who
has seen an endless battle unfolding; walking abreast with death so often that a preternatural ability to "smell" it has
begun to develop. Recognizing the perpetual threat from Daedra for what it is, and the willful ignorance of Tamriel's
denizens who are always entangled in their own petty agendas, he struggles with keeping any faith whatsoever... Yet,
there is ever work to be done.  He only finds a semblance of peace, an inner balance, while lost in the dance of battle.

A closer inspection of his features will reveal elvish hallmarks that are atypical in purely human races, indicative
of a particularly strong Breton heritage which few in the High Rock nobility can boast despite arranged marriages
orchestrated just to maintain the ancient bloodline; a mingling of Nedic and Aldmeri which results in sharp facial
symmetry, high cheek bones, tapered ears, etc.  His hair is a lustrous raven-black, wildly spiked but slicked back.

Outwardly unshakable, with a sense of self and worldly wisdom far beyond his years, most find it difficult
to meet his gaze directly; unusually pale eyes that reflect complete self confidence, martial discipline and the
surety of death. His only anxiety stems from a past shrouded in mystery, something he is obviously fleeing.

The  Archangel,  taking a rest after slaying an  Elder Dragon  in the mountains of  Haafingar.

--:    Resists,  Skills  &  Abilities;

Resist  Disease:  70%.                  Resist  Poison:  35%.                  Resist  Magic:  30%*.

Resist  Flame:  25%*.                      Resist  Frost:  0%.                     Resist  Shock:  0%.

*  Combat  Skills:    2H Broadsword  ( 15 )  &  Heavy Armor  ( 15 ).                  *  Magic  Skills:    Restoration  ( 10 ).

Racial Ability:  Dragonskin  is an innate ability that temporarily grants a character  50% Spell Absorption
once every  twelve hours;  five-turn  duration.  This is particularly advantageous in an anti-magic "build."

( 15 )    Dragonkin  is a hard-earned ability that has proven invaluable to Michael, acquired during the years following his
self-imposed exile from High Rock which were spent wandering the width and breadth of Skyrim in search of near-mythic
Word Walls;  each inscribed with a fragment of distinct Thu'um powers.  It required equal measures of exploration and study.

Unrelenting  Force    -    The power to unleash a tempestuous blast of kinetic energy to knock back, if
not outright blow away, anything ensnared in its uncompromising force;  projected from the mouth.

Fus:  200 lbs.      Ro:  400 lbs.      Dah:  800 lbs.

Elemental  Fury    -    The power to drastically increase movement speed for a short duration, using a
unique wind augmentation to push beyond one's personal limitations by applying it to the body itself.

Su:  ½  Ø,  2 t.      Grah:  1  Ø,  4 t.      Dun:  2  Ø,  6 t.

Become  Ethereal    -    The power to become an intangible specter of one's self, capable of phasing right
through any solid matter or magic at will by partially shifting one's very essence into the astral realm.

Feim:  2 t.      Zii:  4 t.      Gron:  6 t.

--:    Armaments  &  Utilities;

*    Armaments:  Ebony  Armor    -    A full raiment of pitch black armor polished to magnificence, capable of blending into any shadowy environment when necessary, forged from highly resilient materials; mostly ebony chainmail, plates and cured leather.
It incorporates a thick pauldron set over the left shoulder for additional protection, of an angular design meant to shatter blades
forged from weaker metals.  A thick, dark-furred cloak of sabre cat pelt ordinarily completes the ensemble when weather permits.

--:    Weight:    65 lbs.

Boots:  25% Resist Flames.      Cuirass:  10% Resist Magic.      Gauntlets:  15% Spell Absorption.      Helm:  Night-Eye.

*    Armaments:  Ebony  Broadsword    -    Absolution  is an impressive two-handed broadsword with a thick double-edged blade
of pitch black which tapers to a very fine point, demanding considerable strength to wield without inhibition; constructed from
a  48"  blade, an ornate cross-guard and a  15"  hilt. Stylized after the craftsmanship of antiquated Aldmeri relics, seeming elegant
despite the particularly large proportion of its blade.  Sinuous, thorny vines are etched deeply into the blade like spreading veins.

--:    Weight:    50 lbs.

Blade:  80% Flame Damage.

*    Accessories:  Silver  Ring    -    A band of polished silver, etched with black thorny vines around its glittering circumference
and capped by a flawless pentagon-cut  diamond  bearing an intricate crest;  his family's. Of an elvish design, notably durable yet
spindly and seemingly very delicate.  Jewelry cannot be seen beneath a heavy gauntlet of ebony chainmail and plates, obviously.

--:    Weight:    N / A.

Band:  5% Magicka Regeneration.

*    Accessories:  Silver  Ring    -    A relatively modest band of polished silver, etched with black stags depicted in endless sprint
around its glittering circumference;  all equidistant in spacing. To the wearer, it will exude a comforting warmth which permeates throughout their bodily extremities.  Jewelry cannot be seen beneath a heavy gauntlet of ebony chainmail and plates, obviously.

--:    Weight:    N / A.

Band:  5% Stamina Regeneration.

*    Accessories:  Silver  Necklace    -    A fine cylindrical rope of silver braids tightly twined together, polished to perfection and
barely long enough to encircle his neck just above thick trapezius muscles. It emanates a comforting warmth while submerged,
regulating the wearer's body temperature to ease prolonged underwater exploration.  Able to sustain life in freezing conditions.

--:    Weight:    N / A.

Rope:  Water-Breathing.

*    Utilities:  Ebony  Shards    -    Ten ingots of pure ebony were compressed, enchanted and subsequently shattered to produce
an abundance of shards which still retain all the solidity of being forged; rudimentary yet surprisingly useful to an innovative
utilitarian.  Contained within a thick leather pouch fastened to a double-loop belt on his right-hand side, to be easily accessible.

--:    Weight:    10 lbs.

Shards:  80% Shock Damage.

The  Archangel,  just arriving in  Skyrim  after crossing the border-mountains between  High Rock  and  The Reach.

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--:  Michael  Hawksly.
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